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I'm Alex, the Founder and CTO of Silicon Valley IT Solutions (SVITS). Our firm specializes in elevating startups by providing comprehensive IT services, including hardware, infrastructure, and full-scale development. Notably, we contributed to the rise of a recent unicorn startup, underlining our track record of successful tech advisement and implementation.


At SVITS, we uniquely blend high-caliber expertise with cost-efficiency. As a fractional CTO, I bring a network of top-tier, part-time experts whose knowledge matches FAANG standards, and full-time, seasoned developers from emerging markets to optimize cost without compromising quality. This model ensures a powerhouse team that combines strategic leadership with affordable technical skill.


Our successes are driven by deep roots in Silicon Valley, providing essential networking opportunities and access to key investment circles. Beyond my role at SVITS, I have led significant cross-corporate collaborations at Intel with Apple and Microsoft, and I have been at the forefront of developing major products like VTune, GPA, and SEAPI.


To further incentivize collaboration, we offer a 10% net revenue share to anyone who connects us with a new client, continuing for the duration of our engagement with that client.


Additionally, I offer strategic investor introductions, leveraging my extensive VC connections to support funding initiatives, although this is secondary to our core services.


I invite you to schedule an introductory call to explore how we can support your startup's growth and technological needs. Please visit:


Best regards,



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